Civil law and civil procedure

Legal aid in the process of the vindication of pecuniary claims. issuing of legal opinions and drafting of contracts. Delivering of legal services for business entities, including legal monitoring and evaluation of contracts, legal assistance and support for commercial transactions. Representing business entities and individuals before courts in civil law matters, therein law of inheritance, right in property and protection of personal rights. Legal aid in the process of negotiations.


Business Law

Incorporation of business entities (partnership, limited liability company, cooperative, associations, foundation, branch and representative office of foreign entities). Representation of business entities before the national registry court. Legal advice in the process of merger, division and transformation of business entities. Legal services, including drafting agreements, statutes, by-laws and other acts referring to business entities for corporate bodies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ general meeting). Legal assistance in unfair competition matters.


Medical law

Representation of individuals in lawsuits arising from medical error and the vindication of claims resulting from medical errors. The defense of accused person in criminal trials. Delivering legal service for medical entities, including legal assistance in the preparation of medical records, statutes, rules of order, representation in disputes with the National Health Fund.


Family Law

Representation of individuals in divorce case, lawsuit aimed at obtaining alimony and division of matrimonial property. Legal assistance in conducting negotiations for the care of children. Legal advice in matrimonial property system.


Public procurement law

Legal assistance in preparing the proceedings for public procurement, including the preparation of contents of the procurement notice, The Specification of Essential Terms of the Contract and other documents. Legal aid in carrying out the procedures for public procurement, including legal analysis of the correctness of proceedings for public procurement, preparing appeals and replies to the appeals. Legal representation of business entities before court and National Appeal Chamber. Drawing up legal opinions regarding the matters of public procurement.


Labour Law

Legal assistance in the creation of the employer’s internal legislation (preparation of employee’s files, certificates of employment, rules of working and remuneration). Legal aid in drafting and terminating labour agreement and other contracts on the basis of civil law. Legal advice for employer regarding the best form of employment and conducting collective redundancies. Legal protection of the employers against any claims, in particular representation before the courts and other institutions. Representing employees in disputes against the employer before the courts (claim for reinstatement, compensation for unjustified dismissal, establishment of employment relationship, payment for overtime).


Criminal Law

Comprehensive defense of individuals at all stages of prosecution and in criminal proceedings before courts including representation of Clients before common court and Supreme Court.


Penal-fiscal liability

Comprehensive defense of individuals at all stages of prosecution and in the course of court proceedings related to penal-fiscal liability arising from an indictment bringing by public prosecutor, Inland Revenue, fiscal audit agency, customs office, Border Guard, Police, Internal Security Agency, Central Anticorruption Bureau.


Construction Law

Representing individuals and business entities before the state administration in order to obtain all decisions necessary for conducting the construction process, in particular to be granted a building permit and the zoning decision. Negotiating contracts on the basis of provisions of an agreement drafted by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Legal assistance in organizing the construction process.


Administrative Law

Representing Clients before state administrative bodies and administrative courts, in particular in the matters of construction law, the investment process and the management of the land. Preparation of appeals to administrative decisions, complaints to the Regional Administrative Court and the cassations to the Supreme Administrative Court.


Real estate and re-privatization properties

Legal advice in real estate market (legal issue arising from sale, perpetual usufruct and lease properties). Legal aid in conversion of the agricultural land into the building land and in recovery of Warsaw properties which were nationalized on the basis of Bierut Decree. Representation of Clients in the matters of restitution of expropriated properties by the State in which the goal of expropriation has not been realized. Representing Clients in tenders for the purchase of property. Legal assistance in obtaining permission for foreigners to purchase real estate in Poland. Negotiating and drafting agreement of tenancy. Legal advice in management of the property by the residential community. Representing our Clients in judicial proceedings against the residential communities (e.g. challenge the resolutions of the residential community).


Intellectual property law

Advising on copyright protection, related rights and internet domains. Representing a client before the Court of Conciliation for Internet Domains at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Protection of trademark (e.g. bringing the claim arising from infringement of trademark, registration, transferring of trademark).